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Red Eye Moonshine - Grand River Distillery - Southern Illinois

Red Eye Moonshine is the first spirit from Grand River Spirits. Visit our Where to Buy page to learn where you can purchase your own bottle of our moonshine. Also, check back frequently as we release more spirits throughout the year.

Award Winning Flavor!

Grand River Spirits rolling out the barrels
Red Eye, the region's first legal moonshine, medals in national competition

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Grand River Spirits, the craft distillers of Red Eye moonshine and Grand River whiskey, is the winner of three medals in the American Craft Distillery Association's national spirits competition for its local whiskey.

Winning bronze medals are:
Grand River Baby Whiskey, 82 proof
Red Eye Original Moonshine (unaged corn whiskey), 80 proof
Red Eye Pie Moonshine (unaged corn whiskey), 46 proof

Grand River Spirits distillers use Southern Illinois grain and fruit to make their local moonshine, whiskey and bourbon. More than 300 artisan spirits were entered and 122 medals were awarded. A blind judging scored color, nose, taste and finish, as well as whether judges would buy, recommend and collect the spirits. Judges included distillers, spirits journalists, mixologists and consultants to the trade.

"Our greatest ambition is for the winners  to appreciate that they have achieved a great distinction for the quality of their products, and can assert with authority that, by a jury of experts, they have merited awards of unqualified excellence," said Pennfield Jensen, ACDA Executive Director. The ACDA is a national trade association by and for craft distillers.

The results of this competition demonstrate the handcrafted quality and care that the distillery pours into each bottle, said Karen Binder of Grand River Spirits. "Our spirits capture the essence of Southern Illinois, and the competition results show us that Southern Illinois has another place under the national spotlight," she said. "We are excited to showcase our home in our spirits."

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  • Moonshine

    Our first spirit, Red Eye Moonshine, is distilled using traditonal methods combined with modern technology.

  • Whiskey

    Coming Fall 2013, look for our whiskey with the full flavor of Southern Illinois in each bottle.

  • Spirits

    As Grand River Spirits grows, we will be releasing spirits to make your favorite cocktails.